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Yes, it has been a while…sitting back and observing the Cirque des Freaks of the never dull Middle East and how the world cannot seem to take their eyes off of us here in the Holy land.

Nothing new under the sun, a wise king said once, and indeed, nothing-new really, just different versions, and of course some of the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

We continue down this path where according to many in the world media, world “leadership”, the misdirected and misinformed rabble, and the oh so many open minded, caring individuals of the Human Rights movement who claim that Israel bars the path to World Peace and Shangri-La.

I agree with them, and I am sure that if we, who live in Israel, and we, who support Israel, act differently, we can get closer to a better reality.  I know… a loaded statement.  Before I go on, no I was not making any reference to the variety of religious observance, customs and opinions that are never 
lacking regarding Israel and our existence.  Not my place to comment on that.

Living in the “Heartland” of Israel, the Birthright of the Birthright of the Jewish people has its advantages.  Besides the obvious of seeing our history in front of my face everyday, it is not only beautiful, but also educational and strengthening.  No enemy of Israel can come to my family, my peers and me and say, you don’t belong here, or dictate to us their perverted and contorted version of world history.  Our connection here is quite solid, not just religiously, but historically, both from way back and recently.  They know this, which is why they target the less educated, the less connected, you know, if you want to break the chain, go after the weaker links.

Nothing that hasn’t been mentioned before.

“Self-Haters” is one of the buzz words used to describe many of Israel’s adversaries who come from within the fold. I don’t want to say, “who can blame them”, (but I do), but lets think for a second.  What picture are they being presented with?  Are they meeting anyone they can relate to?  Are they being shown any of the incredible beauty, physical, spiritual and social that exists at the flashpoint? No, most never get to see this.  Not only that, the mainstream Jewish leadership makes efforts at keeping this from them.  Makes you think, what are they afraid of?

Even more frustrating for me, is the lack of interest in the funding of such ventures that would bring them out here to our heartland, to meet the diverse and wonderful populous of the varied Jewish communities, that would undeniably affect our people for the good, and with no doubt strengthen us in the face of our challenges, both now and in the future.

You see if more of our “mainstream” brethren would come out to visit they would see a different picture and perhaps gain a deeper understanding regarding not only of our own people and land, but also regarding those who are holding them prisoner by using chains of deceit and ignorance.
We have to question those that keep them in the dark, from visiting; from experiencing the Jewish side of the story…what are they afraid of? Why won’t their leaders and Rabbis visit and come experience their own history, and why aren’t we doing more to make that possible?

Why are most Conservative and Reform Rabbis afraid of bringing their “flocks” to see and experience what is their history.  Watch as the “Conference of Presidents” visits Ramallah, but will not tour Jewish Judea and Samaria. Forget the politics, just to see.

Not to forget the “Gap Year” kids.  This is the group that comes to Israel for a year of Yeshiva learning before college.  Many of these Yeshivot also do not venture “out” besides the customary visit to Gush Etzion and Hevron.  Guess what, there is more to Judea and Samaria, besides those areas.  If the point is to strengthen these kid’s connection to Judaism and Israel, it is a no-brainer, take them out and show them where it all started and what’s happening today, it is also their future that is at stake.  For the amount of money that is being spent on their year in Israel, I am sure you can pressure the institutions to give you your moneys worth. Besides, if they spend a day touring Judea and Samaria, maybe they will be too tired to frequent the “nightlife” in downtown Jerusalem.

Yes, this article is directed towards all of us.

Many who are familiar with my work know that I am an avid fan of being pro-active rather than reactive.  In the security world, I prefer to work to stop terror rather than just respond to it.  The same applies to this challenge also, which is no less a threat to our people than the nefarious motives of our enemies.  In fact, keeping our people disconnected from our land is simply another means and strategy used to bring us down, weaken us and destroy Israel.

Soon many synagogues will read the Haftora on Rosh HaShannah, they will read how Hannah prayed for a son at Shilo, Imagine if they would show their congregations just where it actually happened, and where Shilo actually is.

In confronting our enemies, we must utilize many strategies, abilities and resources.  We can’t afford to stand idly by as they have their own past distorted and their future stolen.  We cannot afford to wait to react; we have to act first…and to coin a phrase, better late than never.

Like I said before, living out here has its advantages, we get to see the continuing growth of a nation, we get to see, taste and experience the greatest Israel most Jews from the outside of Israel have never seen. 

I admit, there will be a side effect, a visit to Judea and Samaria may leave a pleasant after taste in your mouth, you may leave stronger, prouder and wiser than before, you may no longer believe the constant anti-Israel rhetoric that floods world media, campuses and various Left wing movements, and last, but not least, you may find yourself standing up and defending Israel better than ever.

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