Monday, August 27, 2012

Cirque des Freaks

Cirque des Freaks

The Frenzy grows as the arena sport known as "American Election Day" approaches. One of the latest events connected to this which involves the Jewish world has to do with a group of so-called Jewish religious leaders who are out to prove, among other things, just how blind and ignorant many in the Jewish world can be. I consider their abuse and misuse of the term "rabbi" to border on the "spiritually criminal, but maybe that's just me. In any case, I do not find it surprising.

The initiative of these "rabbis" is called "Rabbis for Obama", and what makes it interesting is that you have some very anti-Israel figures in and around this group. Groups such as “Jewish Voice for Peace”, “14 Friends of Palestine”, and "the Council of American Islam Relations" are only a few of the anti-Israel organizations affiliated with this new "umbrella group". Many of these “rabbis” use these labels and names to hide their anti-Israel activity, and I would have to say, connecting a label like “Rabbis for Obama” to President Obama's campaign continues to add to the myth and illusion that the Obama administration actually cares for the security of Israel. The importance of this to Obama and his campaign is not the topic here, rather it is the fact that a group of supposed rabbis is attempting to dupe the na├»ve and misinformed Jewish world, once again, as to the intentions of this administration towards the state of Israel.

Appalling, you may say. Or you may not see it as appalling. Not yet. Please read on.

I say to you that the diaspora Jewish leadership, especially in the U.S. is deliberately misrepresenting the situation re: Israel's relations with it's Arab/Muslim neighbors, partially as a result of their own narrow political/personal interests and partially because of genuine, but misguided concern for the Jewish state.

Don’t believe me, ask you neighborhood JCC, Conservative or Reform synagogue to host a speaker who has "right wing" opinions regarding Israel- or heaven forbid a Republican!

I have been seeing a slow rise of independent thought among the Jewish communities stateside, but it remains much too slow to keep pace with events on the ground in Israel and the Arab/Muslim world. The truth regarding Israel and our neighbor’s intentions manages to slowly seep through the clenched fists of ignorance of the American mainstream Jewish leaders.  It is indeed uplifting when you see and meet someone who has broken free and opens his eyes to what is going on and not just what he is told. But it is still too rare.

Sure, we need to look at the globe, focusing on Israel with a close-up lens- but then we must pull back, allowing ourselves to take in a more complete and more accurate picture of quickly unfolding events in the mid-east and their possible repercussions for Israel and the "western" world..

Unfortunately, many members of this "bloc'" of "Rabbis" are not only funded but also very much active in anti-israel movements and activities, BDS for example, accusing Israel of Apartheid and so on. One of them even had a nice chit-chat with good ol’ Achmedinejad.  Their continued mission, as a whole, seems to be to keep the Jewish people disconnected from their land.

Also frustrating to me is the lack of interest in the funding of initiatives that would bring disconnected Jews, and especially young people out here, to our heartland, to meet people who can confront the lies of their self-proclaimed leaders, to meet the diverse and wonderful populace of the varied Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria personally. This would undeniably affect our people for the good, and would no doubt strengthen us in the face of our challenges, both now and in the future.

You see, if more of our “mainstream” brethren were able to visit our historic heartland, they would see a different, deeper, more nuanced picture and perhaps gain a better understanding regarding not only the history and current situation of our people and land, but also regarding those who are holding them prisoner, almost literally (their "leaders"), through the chains of deceit and ignorance.

We have to question those that keep our brothers and sisters in the diaspora in the dark from visiting: from seeing for themselves the other Jewish side of the story…what are they afraid of? Why wont their leaders and Rabbis visit and come experience their own history, and why aren’t we doing more to make that possible?

Why are most Conservative and Reform Rabbis afraid of bringing their “flocks” to see and experience what the unfolding history of their own people? Watch as the various Jewish diaspora “leaders” and others visit Ramallah, but will not tour Jewish Judea and Samaria! Forget the politics, just... To see!

Many who are familiar with my work know that I believe in being pro-active rather than reactive.  Because of my extensive experience in the area of security here in our historical heartland and points beyond, I prefer to work to stop terror rather than just respond to it.  The same applies to this challenge also, which is no less a threat to our people than the nefarious actions of our enemies.  In fact, keeping our people disconnected from our land is simply another means used to bring us down and destroy Israel and, as I have pointed out, many of our so-called "leaders" are, wittingly or unwittingly collaborating in this.

In confronting our enemies, we must utilize many strategies, abilities and resources.  We can’t afford to stand idly by as our people have their own past distorted and their future stolen, in many cases, such as that of the "613 "rabbis", by members of our own worldwide Jewish leadership.  We cannot afford to wait to react; we have to act first…and to coin a phrase: better late than never.

If you are concerned about the future of the 613 rabbis, don’t be, I am sure they will find 613 mullahs to commiserate with about the growing strength of Israel.

If this message touches your heart and you want to help the Jewish people overcome it's many challenges, including, and especially, ignorance among ourselves and the terrorism and misinformation of our many enemies, hi. My name is Marc, be in touch.

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