Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Left Hand, Right Hand

Left Hand, Right Hand…working against each other.

As the mystique of the unknown bears closer, the plot thickens, or more accurately said, sickens. I am speaking about “September”, in all of its possibilities and lack of.

For today, (so far) it is official that the “Palestinian Authority” plans on seeking UN approval for statehood on September 20th.

Now that it is settled, all that remains is how to react, simple, right?

It has been said that man is most creative during desperate times, I would like to add that man also reaches new levels of lunacy during these same times.

Many have already heard of a few of the possible reactions to such a declaration, the cancellation of the Oslo Accords, Annexation of Judea and Samaria, yelling at them “Bad Boy then huffing away… and so on to name a few.

Indeed the IDF is working hard at preparing for the various numbers of possible scenarios. Mass public demonstrations, both “peaceful” and not, the outbreak of violence, the renewal of the “Intifada” on a far more intense and grand level than the previous years, are just a few of the more gentle examples.

I am less concerned about the actions the Arabs plan to take against the Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria, we have seen it before, we will not be surprised, I am alarmed and “concerned” at some of the solutions being discussed.

Solutions of appeasement and complacency rather than stopping the violence seem to be getting the attention and ear of Senior IDF and Knesset members.

A few days ago it was reported that one of the possibilities that a court jester offered up was to release prisoners associated with the Palestinian Authority who are being held on terror charges as a gesture of “Good Will” prior to the declaring of this new façade of an entity. Of course this also comes in a package, the other part being further removal of other security measures designed to protect Israel and the Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria.

To add to this masterpiece of comedy, it has now been suggested to further arm and release more weapons to the “P.A.” Security Forces. This “confidence measure” is being discussed so that these “forces” will hold back the expected mass demonstrations from attacking Israeli checkpoints. No mention of course of holding back on Israeli communities in our heartland.

Despite recent history, and a normal thought process, and going against every logical and educated understanding of the Arab world and its mindset, there are actually people in key positions who back this idiocy.

I do not consider them to be naïve, nor ignorant. I truly believe that there are nefarious motives at heart. I am not being paranoid, nor am I harboring any conspiracy theory, it is not who I am. I feel this to be part of the ongoing fight that the “Left Wing” in Israel is waging against the Jewish communities and Jewish populous of the heartland of the entire Jewish people.

I’m sorry, no one, I mean, no one can be that stupid as to think that if Israel further arms the Arabs of Judea and Samaria, removes essential roadblocks and more, that they will be so happy and confident in Israel that they will keep the “peace” as the Arab mobs sweep towards our communities and crossings.

I ask forgiveness if I do not have the verbal finesse and eloquence of the popular and talented writers and “bloggers” who frequent cyberspace. I admit that I observe these “solutions” from ground level, but I remember a decade ago. I remember dealing with the results and the same mistakes those who offer these solutions back in the year 2000.

I remember the daily firefights on our roads and the attempted infiltrations and attempts and successes at pure unadulterated murder, at the hands and by the weapons handed over by our own Israeli politicians and generals.

I stand witness today to those in the IDF and Ministry of Defense who wish to continue to protect and defend our people while a few doors down from their offices stand those who do not value nor wish to uphold that position.

One side stands up to our enemies, while the other motivates them, and worst, arms them… while we slumber.

Indeed, September holds to be an interesting time for all of us, where will you be?

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