Sunday, August 28, 2011

Agree to Disagree

It seems that most seem to agree to disagree and are willing to stand together in unity and agreement about disagreeing and being “against”, therefore become unified in their disagreement. So I guess we can state accurately that the “Cons” have it.

I observed last week at one of the “Glenn Beck events how right and left wing Jews stood together against someone (Glenn Beck) who was being Pro-Israel. I understand the suspicions and the various ideas and ideals surrounding these events, but I do not want to discuss that here.

I watched as Secular Israeli Jews and Arabs from the North demonstrated against Haredi housing in the Carmel region. Of course there were plenty anti Israel signs being shared by the crowds…. More unity!

I listen as various right wing factions in Israel fight to claim how their way is the right way, while various factions among the Arabs in Gaza fight amongst themselves as to who shot the missiles into Israel.

While traveling around the US, I am told how I won’t be allowed to speak because I live over the “Green” line, in a…cringe!...settlement. But in the same breath how Arab activists who are not the best friends of Israel are invited to speak.

I stood by as Young Congressmen are taken to Ramallah to meet “Palestinian” leaders who speak of not recognizing Israel as a Jewish state and even as Israel as the “target”, while not being taken to the Jewish communities…all of this sponsored by Jewish Organizations.

I was even told by an unnamed right wing activist that I have to choose between the right side or the wrong side…basically his way or no way. Which I found amusing because I have always been told I was on the Right side of Israeli politics…silly me.

I am reminded of math class from Junior High School…something about two negatives making a positive?

We have become so talented at disagreeing with one another, at fighting with one another, we even cause more damage to ourselves than those that wish us gone from the earth. This has not gone unnoticed.

It’s not fair… we have to leave something for our enemies to do besides just mopping up our remains. Be considerate for “Pete’s sake! (BTW, Who is Pete?) If we are going to keep on going against each other, who is going to left to care for us, who is going to be left to “love” us? C’mon! Get real!

The Arabs are demonstrating against their governments… getting killed, but still demonstrating. A lot of disagreement there for sure, they bomb each other, kill each other indiscriminately daily, at least they can agree on one thing…and that will always keep them together, their hatred towards Israel and the Jews.

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