Sunday, April 11, 2010

Never Again what?

Yom HaShoah, (Holocaust Memorial Day) is coming up and the shouts of “Never Again” flood the cyber waves. From all walks and talks of Jewish life Jews are raising their fists, their voices, their thoughts. Not just any particular group, but the whole spectrum of our people. Amazing, some unity!

Forgive me, but Never Again what? I read that we wont let our people be methodically slaughtered again, we won’t let such a genocide take place again, against our own people.

Who exactly won’t let this happen again?

I read, again from the whole spectrum of our tribe, how now we have our land, our Jewish State, even a Jewish Army! I read and feel the pride our people, most of our people, are showing, and their determination to stop any such horror from happening again.

But what about stopping the process that may lead to the unthinkable?

That must be stopped first!

The enemies of the Jewish people realize very well who would put a stop to an attempt at destroying the Jewish people again, they know very well the State and the People of Israel will stand up and fight them.

Our enemies know exactly whose commandoes will show up at their doorstep, and they know they will be speaking Hebrew, not English.

Why do you think Israel is the brunt of their attacks now, why do you think they want to take our land away from us? Our enemies know where Jewish strength comes from.

The Arabs and Muslims in the Middle East do not care about genocide, you don’t see any demonstration against the slaughter of Africans in Darfur, and you don’t see shouts against the ongoing slaughter of Muslims against Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan. You don’t see Muslims in America standing up against these atrocities do you? Why is that?

Maybe they want Israel to disappear and the Jews to go back to the way it was 100 years ago, maybe they want the Jews to disappear all together, maybe.

Yom HaShoah closes in and you want to shout “Never Again”, well shout it, but do something about it! Stop standing idly by on the sidelines just raising your fists, stop your friends and neighbors from joining ranks with those that want to destroy us and take away our land. Stop letting people believe the lies regarding Israel and the (lack of) Peace process.

Start being involved and start taking action so that this process should not gain any more momentum.

We have lost enough people to violence, terror and ignorance. Let’s really give some honor to those that were taken from us by standing up stronger than ever against those that wish us gone and taken from our land and our own midst.

I know a bunch of people who will give their lives to make sure this will never happen again.

So lets expand on “Never Again”.

“Never Again” will Jews be victims of violence and terror.

“Never Again” will Jews be evicted from their land, any of their land.

“Never Again” will Jews stand quietly by and be fooled by our enemies.

“Never Again” will Jews be led to a slaughter.


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