Tuesday, March 23, 2010


While the State Department voices it treacherous commitment to Israel and it’s sworn duty to tell “painful” truths, the dogs of war growl and drool as their cause is championed by the present US administration.

One of these “painful truths” that bothers me is the up and coming and seemingly inevitable outbreak of a new intifada, or as I have termed it, “Obamafada”. While the President of the United States might not be personally championing further violence in this region, I use this term simply because every time his administration makes a move, we grow closer to another outbreak of violence. This time he is the catalyst.

When he pressures an already confused government, and attempts to bend them to his will, we always see an increase in violence. Of course an irony that is in plain view is, the more he supports the PA Authority boss Abass, Hamas gains strength. A vicious circle, no doubt, but them again, the Middle East hosts no logic.

The new supposed reason behind this perverted strategy is that Israel’s behavior is bad for the US - apparently we do not harbor enough terrorists, or sponsor enough terrorism to warrant support from the Minyan at the Whitehouse. Either that or General Petraeus just cant succeed in fighting Islamic terror.

We have even been told apparently, that if we promise to give up land, the Arabs will stop telling their kids to kill us, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

It is not going to get any better, and it seems that this US policy of bullying Israel against the US better interests is here to stay, at least till a new election. The army of White House advisors have apparently convinced “anyone who is anyone”, that it is better to have the Muslim Countries and Islamic people as friends then a bunch of Jews in the Middle East.

They should be commended for they have even convinced it seems, most of US Jewry of the same distorted vision.


Yes, go ahead make friends with the Arabs, sell out Israel. The peace loving Arabs only want quiet and a peaceful existence with Israel, NOT! Sure, make Israel go back to the UN partition (read: Suicidal), you remember, 1947, and there will be peace on earth, maybe.

Now for something really scary, this concept and ridiculous thought process is coming from the country that leads the free world.

It is interesting how Russia and China stand by quietly as the US plots it’s own downfall in the eyes of the world. They watch as this giant stoops and trips. They are not stupid, they realize that as soon as the US stabs Israel in the back, most other countries will seek out a stronger friend, and ally in the face of world terrorism and it will be either Russia or China.

After hearing what Hillary Clinton had to say regarding “Settlement Activity” I realized that it was a bad hair day at State.

She said “But we also expect Israel to continue taking concrete steps that will help turn that vision into reality”….”legitimate aspirations of the Palestinians” and so on. The “Palestinian vision”, their “aspirations”, does anyone know what they are?

They wish Israel and the Jews to disappear from the Middle East.

This is what the US admin is asking us to do, in other words, to help the Arabs kill ourselves. Not paranoia, this is fact, just listen to the speeches as spoken in Arabic.

If it is peace she is after, let her say Peace for Peace, not “Land for Peace”, not Peace for “cessation of inciting children against Israel”, not release of Terrorists, but only Peace.

But Hillary doesn’t want that, Prez Obama doesn’t want that, they just want the Muslims and the Arabs to leave them alone, know why? Because they are weak and do not represent a strong America, among other things.

They will continue to buckle under the Islamic threat and they will not safeguard America against her enemies. Even worse they are now giving the Arabs a license to act against the continued presence of the Jewish people in their land. Imagine, so now when there is an act of Terror against Jews in Judea and Samaria, it is in US interest and even sanctioned in unspoken words.

Hillary Rodham and Barak Hussein have succeeded in achieving a serious goal for the Muslim and Arab world, they have driven a wedge into the Jewish people.

It is now up to us, those who see it, to work at pulling it out, before it is too late.

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  1. Another great post. The best thing that could have happened for us is Marack and Hillary attacking Jewish sovereignty over Jerusalem. That is a red line that many Jews agree about, and it is waking up a lot of people. If Bibi stands firm on Jerusalem (I am not yet convinced he will), and the internal pressure from Likud to end the freeze in September works (which I am also not convinced will happen), then perhaps the tide will turn. But your analysis on the coming intifada is spot on. This has been building since last year from Mitchell's first trip. As soon as Abbas realized that the US was going to make the demands for him, all he had to do was get the street whipped up. Throw a little "defend the mosques" action in there with the Hurva rededication and everything is in readiness.

    It wouldn't surprise me if Marack tried to use a new intifada as a pretext to attempt the military imposition of a suicide state solution on Israel, but I don't think he could pull it off. Hopefully it would be Israel's final war against Fatah and Hamas, and the beginning of the establishing of full Jewish sovereignty over Judea and Samaria.