Friday, January 22, 2010

Over Confident

In President Obama’s recent interview to Time magazine, many media outlets translated the Presidents feelings to that he felt “over confident” regarding the Middle East Peace Process. I don’t think I would use the word “over confident”, I would change it to ”wrong”.

A quote from the article - “I think it is absolutely true that what we did this year didn't produce the kind of breakthrough that we wanted, and if we had anticipated some of these political problems on both sides earlier, we might not have raised expectations as high”.

I think I would translate this as “ we failed because we didn’t study the conflict and history of the region, furthermore we have no idea or understanding regarding the Arab world”.

I do not blame the President for these mistakes, after all he hires “experts” to delve into this arena. Of course this team of “experts” he is working with have one of the worst records regarding Israel since the rebirth of the Jewish State. Maybe the fact that they are not objective, or are straight out supporters of the Arab nations has something to do with it, or maybe their negative attitude towards Israel? Wait, I could be wrong, he did hire these guys, so I guess I do blame him. But he can still make things right and hire people who do understand.

Or maybe they just have it all wrong. George Mitchell, the champion of North Ireland, maybe he doesn’t realize that there is a different dynamic here in Israel. Hey George, WAKE UP! The Arabs have been against the Jews here for a LONG time…even before the State of Israel, way before. Maybe the problem is that they constantly want to destroy us? No this is not paranoia, it is an opinion based on historical facts and COMMON KNOWLEDGE! I know George is not that ignorant, he knows all about our history here. I want to know why does he hate Israel so much, did a Zionist bite him when he was young?

The biggest joke is that people still think that a “Palestinian State”, (forgive me for the inaccuracy of terms), will bring about peace to the region. The Arab nations of this region have been at each other’s throats forever and they will continue to be. In 1948, they attempted to carve up this region, they all promised the locals here of Arab victory if they would join in and fight the Jews, they called it “Fez’a” or reign of terror, basically the so-called innocent Arab villages in and around the fledgling State attacked Jews where ever they could. The Arabs call the result of 1948 war “Naq’ba”, or catastrophe, I call it defeat. They have been at war with us here since we have been in this land and when the Jewish State and Army were reborn they all attacked, they lost, and they have been crying “foul” ever since.

One of the key words to success of this process was “Gestures”, of course Israel is to blame that we do not make enough or “Bold” gestures. Who has been doing the shooting and bombings here? Who are the Professors of Terror, whose media and scholastic programs preach murder and death? What the hell is wrong with you all, you want bold gestures, you want peace? Stop the teaching of terror in the Schools!

That and other simple moves towards peace you will not get from most of the Arabs in the Middle East, because the concept of living with a Jewish State in their midst is not acceptable. Equality, mutual respect, women’s rights, religious tolerance and a whole slew of other nice values that exist in Western Culture do not reign here in this part of the world. Why do you think so many Arabs leave the Middle East?

My message to the US administration and all those who think that Israel should abandon it’s heartland is - go back to the drawing board, study history, do more research, and we’ll talk soon. You want Peace in the region, guess what, so do we, and more than anyone, but we must survive and must protect our people, not just for another few years, but also for future generations.

So if you want peace also, get real, we are here to stay.

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