Tuesday, January 19, 2010


The freeze is on, new construction throughout Yehuda and Shomron has come to a virtual standstill. For accuracy sake, buildings that were started or pre approved for the most part are going up, depending on the whim of the Defense Minister and his understanding or lack of understanding of this biased policy.

This ethnic icebox runs true with its allies, apartheid and racism. You see this is all one-sided, my Arab neighbors across the valley have jumped on the building band wagon and have increased all of their building efforts, full throttle ahead. Increases in budgets from abroad for the Arab residents of Yehuda and Shomron, both from foreign Governments and individuals flow fast like white water rapids. They are not stupid, they realize the Jews have slowed down, now is the time to move, and that is exactly what they are doing.

I don’t have a problem with their building - I have a problem with the clear cut limits and prejudice against the Jewish population of this region. It is quite obvious there are “witch” hunts going on against the “National Religious” community of Yehuda, Shomron and Jerusalem. Property deeds that we sign on apparently are not worth the paper they are written on. Property deeds that Jews have held for years are questioned while Arab squatters are treated like dignitaries, sometimes I wonder where we are living, in which century and… under whose rule? Our basic rights are being violated by our own people, but you know what, I know why. Despite the frustration and anger that I share with millions of Jews around the world about how we are being trounced upon, and how we are being backed into a corner, (mind you, only we are to blame), there is a good side to this also, even though it is hard to see.

Its in all the papers, you know, how the US administration is against us, how they are siding with the Arabs and so on, how the Israeli government, lacking a strong back bone is bending to the whims of our enemies, and “friends”. Its amazing the amount of sound advice that is written and spoken, yet it falls on deaf ears, so reminiscent to Pharaohs’ heart being hardened and not heeding advice that he knew would save him and his people from destruction.

Our adversaries here in Israel must now travel outside of Israel to recruit forces, for their reserves here have dwindled and will soon be no more. Money is collected from governments and groups outside of Israel to pay stooges here in Israel to come out and demonstrate, riot and catch the eye of any mediocre cameraman or reporter hoping to get a byline or film credit.

Civil Disobedience has now become show business, meticulously timed and financed with its actors paid and heartless.

The popular explanation to the Israeli governments folly is stated (loosely translated) “what you see from here, you don’t see from there”, basically that those in the helm (or Chelm) understand the situation differently and act accordingly…fine, if you say so, but I reserve the right to disagree. I remember Arik Sharon saying the same thing regarding the expulsion from Gaza, and I see the wonderful reality we have there today.

Well there is change in the air, we are growing and getting stronger. Where this is a source of strength and pride to many of us, it strikes fear and dread into the hearts of our enemies and those of our own people who fear themselves, which explains the near suicidal behavior of some of our ministers and “leaders”.

The turning of a tanker or a battle ship in a small body of water is an arduous task. It takes many small tugboats to nudge it, guide it and push it to its new direction. It sometimes might even seem that turning such a large vessel in a small body of water is impossible, yet it does happen. Through small maneuvers and efforts from all directions - all with a similar goal in mind – we eventually see the ship begin to turn. The massive effort and ultimate achievement is usually only noticed by those who witness it from close by.

Such are things in Israel today. Small maneuvers and many efforts are at hand, trying to plot a new direction and put the ship back on course. More and more “tugs” are joining in everyday. At first many weren’t sure of the direction, but it is becoming clearer as every new day passes.

Words, ideas, dreams and action are joining forces, as our “ship” begins to turn. More and more articles are written, more ideas are expressed and more opinions are being voiced, all pointing towards the same direction, all lifting their eyes towards the hills of our heartland, our history, heritage and our hearts.

We see subtle changes in the most unexpected places. Media strongholds, once fortresses of the absurd, are opening their eyes to the farce that stands before them. Israeli comedians, who once laughed at the devoted, now laugh at true satires and court jesters, getting their new material by observing the Israeli “left” and European circus.

An army of writers, thinkers, bloggers and reporters continues to surface and unsheathe their words and thoughts, shedding truth that has been hidden for too long, as their ideas pierce the armor of ignorance of our foes, those against a Jewish land. Even the scent of justice lies right around the corner, in reach, soon to return to us.

Side by side, we see another army of people making these words, ideas and thoughts into a source of strength for all of us. Taking dreams and giving them body, taking seeds and planting them, this army grows day by day. Despite any freeze in the air, the fire that burns within them provides light and warmth.

We are seeing and living the reemergence of spirit, of clear thought, of a strong people.

We are home in our land.

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