Sunday, December 6, 2009

Baby, it's cold outside

The temperatures in Yehuda and Shomron have begun to drop, one might even say it is freezing. So like any one else we have started to bundle up. One of the emergency procedures we learn in survival is when freezing to use our body heat wisely and if necessary “share” body heat to survive. This is where we are today, the survival being spoken of is that of the survival of the Jewish State as we know it.

Sounds rough, sounds extreme, but lets face it, this is what is on the table. Jewish families cannot build in their land, only Jews, not Arabs. This ridiculous attempt to jump-start the Peace process only damages. Gd forbid if this process continues to move forward, reality will change and many people’s lives will have a question mark attached to their address.

Lines are being drawn and our enemies are smelling victory, (I think they are smelling their garbage burning), fanning the flames they see are the likes of J Street, Peace Now, and so many others of that ilk. It seems like support of Yehuda and Shomron among the Jews outside is succumbing to external pressures. The Obama administration, The European Union and various Left Wing groups are doing their best to quell any support for the Jewish Heartland, what can we do to respond? I do not mean to be harsh, but maybe you all don’t get it. This is a group effort, if we do not work together, and now, you will all be reminiscing about your visits to Shilo, Hevron and so many other places intertwined in our history. The places mentioned in the Torah will just become “Faraway” and not ours. Worst of all, the Face of Judaism will change, and Jewish strength might fade into history.

I know that while this picture seems unfortunately agreeable to many, maybe most, this possible reality will affect all of us, and not in a good way. The self hatred and ignorance that is leading to this scenario (that so many of our own people feel and experience), will soon turn against us, nothing new, just another repetition of history.

But this history will be a bit different. We are approaching a very dangerous time and how we act now will dictate how we act in the future. The wide world of Jews like to think that our troubles will end with giving away Yehuda and Shomron, they fail to see that this would lead to the same outcome in the Galil, of course Never Forget O’ Jerusalem. Where is the red line, when will the people wake up. If we are to learn anything, we must learn to act and learn to act now, together as one and stop this madness being dictated to us by people who have been deceived and will not bear the brunt of this present day tyranny and ethnic cleansing of Jews from our heartland.

This precedent that current Prime Minister Bibi is trying to implement is against everything he has pledged. Now while a politician lying or not keeping his campaign promise is pretty much the norm, this current process is going against the will of the country (according to the latest polls), and that is not what democracy is about. Where are all the Rights People now?

What is at stake goes beyond our history it is our future, the future for all Jews. By the way, for those that care, also the future of democracy in Israel.

I know it is not “politically correct”, but we are going to have to fight this “Freeze”, everybody and anybody who cares about a Jewish Israel is going to have to get involved, one way or another.

There is plenty to do wherever you are, but you must do and not just speak or write, make your voices heard, we can do this. It is time to get involved because the result will not be 80,000 to 300,000 refugees, it will be much worse.

I know the picture isn’t as clear across the ocean, and doesn’t hit home for all, but it is your home that we are talking about, make no mistake in thinking otherwise. I hear the squeaking of the armchairs as I write, and I say Arise! Be Healed! March On!

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  1. Shalom Mark,

    Did we ever meet once? When I was in Shiloh a year ago we (Wife and daughter) stayed at Sofi's and are friends of the Ben Avrahams'. That said, it doesn't look good and I hope and pray this is not a precursor to a situation similar to what happened in Gush Katif ...