Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Speech

Flooded… that’s the word to describe the “Web” regarding Bibi’s speech in Congress.  It also seems that you were either “Pro” or “Con” regarding not the “speech”, but rather the speech.
There is no doubt that Bibi is a tremendous orator. I think even Israel’s enemies are moved by his (or his speechwriters) words.  I myself are among those that take pride not only in those words, but that those words were spoken by the Prime Minister of Israel.
Many of Bibi’s detractors insisted that the speech had nothing new to offer, I agree.  The threat that Iran poses to Israel and the world is not new…in fact it is old news. That same ‘ole threat of destroying Jews...wiping Israel Off the Face of the Earth…really?  Scratched record.  It’s one of the reasons Israel exists; it is the reason many of us send ourselves and our children to serve in the IDF.  So, all you anti-Bibi folk, you are correct. Nothing new there.
I know, many of you reading this are already disturbed that I have yet to hail Bibi as the great hope to the free world…. Wait… Patience.
I have the privilege of traveling to the US quite often.  I meet with many diverse Jewish communities, and with many non-Jewish communities, people, politicians and so on.  I am able to look at the diversity and differences between not only those I meet, but also those in my own neighborhood… all of Israel.  I am also grateful that I have been raised in both countries, thus able to “speak” the language of both.
Bibi’s speech evoked tremendous pride in most Jews on both sides of the pond… yes…even those that claim to dislike Bibi.  The difference is in the reasons.
For many Diaspora Jews, Bibi represents Jewish strength, a Jewish leader who is standing up to yet another tyrant who wishes to destroy our people and erase Jewish presence from our land.  He represents (he really does) a Jewish country that today possesses an Army that is capable of not only defending itself, but can (if it wills it) protect Jews around the world.  He is a representative of one of the most advanced countries in the world, in many spheres… and it cannot be denied, a Jewish Country, and that also is a great source of pride.
And… so when the leader of Israel gets up, comes over to the US Congress, at their request, speaks up against one of the major threats to the Western world today, despite the fact that the US Admin snubs him… well, there will be swooning.
The term “hot” has been bestowed upon the Prime Minister of Israel… I mean, really. Does it get any better than that?
Lets face it…it was a great experience. He incorporated contemporary trendsTweets, Google, Game of Thrones…and age-old trends: Purim, Haman, Moses… Bibi is "with it," and this really P.O.’d his “competitors” and detractors…deal with it!
New? (not “nu”) What is “new” is that an Israeli leader stood up to major pressure, in public, not only from the White House, but also from what is perceived by many to be a major part of mainstream US Jewry today.  He did it eloquently, with class, and elegance…. He Bibi’d it as only Bibi can.
Many have viewed this as a political ploy, an electoral prop to get more seats in the upcoming Israeli elections… sure, that's not lacking, and guess what? I can guarantee you that it succeeded in at least keeping some votes and maybe even gaining a few… so what?  I think it shows character, and so do many, not just in Israel…all over the world.
But I digress….
I think what disturbed me most about this whole “megilla” is the continuing wedge that is being plunged into our people. - using and abusing the Congressional appearance as yet another tool to widen the gap not only between Israel and the United States, but also between our many of our own.  Turning a speech regarding a serious threat to Israel as yet another angle to cause dissention and animosity between “family” is disgusting.
Extremism has reared it head in the last decades and is still showing growth trends among various religions with increasing tendencies towards violence and lack of human rights (just sayin’). This same type of extremism seems to be growing also amongst political affiliations to the point where common sense and moral responsibility are becoming more and more blurry, and the thought of fraternizing with the “other” camp bordering on high treason. 
Pointing out this blatant, disregard and lack of appreciation of such a worldwide threat by the reigning US administration and bringing it into the limelight and public’s eye is what has truly upset the “anti- Bibi” rabble. (And the fact that it may help him in the elections, added an extra thorn in their side).
Standing up in the defense of the State of Israel and against the rising tide of Islamic terror and the subtle and not so subtle threats by the Democratic side of the coin is what the Republican Congress responded to.
Not backing down, despite subtle threats from the White House, the President's minions (the purple ones) and standing up for our country Israel is what Israelis are responding to.
Years ago we defeated our enemies by standing up to the odds, we have been doing this for some time now, and we will continue to do this…it’s what we do.
Sometimes you have to spin a grogger to be heard.

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  1. Did anyone else notice that the quality of dialogue concerning Bibi's speech declined because people weren't addressing the need - the duty - to speak about the existential threat Iran poses to Israel. They were expressing basically various feelings, but without consciously acknowledging them - so it was like egos bumping into each other - sometimes hard, angrily - instead of really communicating in what Martin Buber might have called an "I-Thou" dialogue -