Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Seeking the True

A classic example of the efforts being made by mainstream Jewish organizations to further create a wedge in our little Jewish world was the Jewish funded and sponsored trip last week by the wonderfully enlighten Harvard group to the grave of Arafat, the father of modern day terror and murder.  I would love to say that this outing was unique, one of the kind, rogue, but I can't. These efforts are being made daily by a Jewish leadership that has had their souls kidnapped by enemies of our people.  Flying the flag of humanity and open minds, claiming to be the Liberal camp of the day, these crusaders have been setting out to "save our people", the "Tikun Olam", and to purge us from the demons within us... As they perceive it of course.

I'm not going to use the term self-haters to describe these poor souls because I honestly don't believe they hate themselves or our religion.   The are being taught to hate people and perceived groups who they feel are dangerous to their way of living, threats to their being.  Indeed their pent up frustrations at their own lac kings of an identity are being directed away from those who seek their demise to those who would only strengthen them and connect them better to their heritage.  Stockholm syndrome? Sure, fact is that these kids were sent to embrace the same people who would dance on their graves.  Of course, in the name of intellectual and progressive thought.  I especially enjoyed the "apologies" written by the backers.  They apologized because they were caught.

A few weeks ago I was asked about where I live, in Shilo, and Judea and Samaria...why should I live there, what right do I have... You know, I was being "grilled" (and loving it, I might add). Besides discussing recent history, I of course mentioned our history there, our presence, the importance of the place in our peoples history in the land.... Pretty much the standard.  What was said next will stick with me and was profound, as it clearly represents a prevalent mindset in Diaspora Mainstream Judaism.
"Why not Warsaw or other European cities where Jews flourished, whats the difference?"   

I admit, I was not ready for that level of pre-meditated ignorance, or contempt, and of course it brought about an emotional response, in which I actually had to hold my temper.  

I know it has been said a million times, and I'm sure it will be said a million more.  Most Jews, including many in Israel simply do not have or understand the connection we have to this land.  I'm not saying they have to agree with my opinions, or be in the One State Jewish Camp, but to understand and to feel the connection, that is paramount.  

These outside groups discuss the need to understand the "conflict" yet they make every effort to actually color it to their predesigned views. A visit to a "settler" means a "Rabbi" usually, some one religious at least, or more accurate, someone who most Jewish students would feel no connection to, even actually dislike because of constant feuding and controversies going on in our little "shtetles".

Of course they are always brought to the Palestinian Peace Loving Moderates who only seek self determination in their own ethnically cleansed state...but that has nothing to do with anything. These groups are much like horses with blinders on, being led around without seeing the surroundings, basically at the mercy of those pulling them literally by the nose.  Some call it the blind leading the blind, but it is not that innocent, the "leaders" know exactly what they are doing, and the victims are our future generations.

The government of Israel claims that they will be taking the reigns in reconnecting Jews living in the diaspora with our land.  I’m curious to see how they plan on doing this and based on what model, or what new miracle potion they have brewing in the pot.  In the mean time, they are not even at the discussion level, and then it will be endless meetings discussing how to do it, when to do it, and when to schedule the next meeting to discuss the same thing… classic Kibbutz/Socialist methodology.

When our fearless leaders here (in Israel) actually decide to roll up their sleeves and start to work, I hope their first goal will be to understand and tag those who are working against our peoples connection to our land.  I then hope they will make the effort to crush those same “anti” efforts and missions, even though most of these “missions” are being led and funded by “stand up” Jewish “leaders” and their organizations. 

The Arabs are not teaching the concept of Peace with the Jews in their schools, their media still spills daily and hourly lessons in hatred.  Despite the “Shiny and Happy” people you will see representing “Palestine”, who BTW are straight out lying about their society and live only in the nice sections of secular Ramallah.  We have no choice but to take the lead today, to connect our people back to our land and ourselves.  That goes even for the “Right” thinking people, both in and out of the country.  

Time to re-Format our thinking, fix that hard drive and yes, upgrade it the latest and better model out there.  Some peripherals may be dropped in the process, but time to reboot our people.  A new OS (Operating System) is in the works, better upgrade as the old one will stop working soon and all your old “programs” just wont work anymore. (Sorry for all the computer talk, just worked).

That is our alternative, our only alternative. 

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