Friday, December 2, 2011

Stars upon Thars

Stars upon Thars

When you are lying hurt and wounded, most do not care what symbol you are wearing…as long as you are giving them the best assistance you can to save them or their loved ones lives.

This is one of the personal experiences I learned from serving as Security Chief of the Shilo Region during the many medical emergency incidents I responded to.

Road 60 is the main North-South vein through our heartland of Judea and Samaria. It is pretty much along the same route our forefathers and ancestors used back in the day. It remains the same road used today to make our way to Jerusalem, from both North and South. It is also a road that has known much bloodshed, not only from terrorism and ancient crime, but from the inexcusable and pathetic amount of traffic accidents.

As a “RavShatz”, or Chief Security Coordinator, responding to medical emergencies, was part of the job, both in and out of the communities. I went or led the ambulance and our “MDA” medical teams where they had to be, and at times I also had to protect them from possible danger.

Our response knew no nationality, no race, no color, no religion; it knew one thing, and one thing only, to save lives, simply that. Many if not most of the incidents occurred on the road, as I mentioned, accidents were common on this ancient road. Most of the accidents were between Arab cars, and our teams were almost always the first to arrive and care for the victims. So successful and professional, the sight of the Red Star of David on “Ambulance Shilo”, brought relief to the Arab villagers living in our region. Our medics were known as heroes and saviors to the Arabs, to the point they would not allow their own ambulances to tend the victims, they stated out loud, “we want the Jews”.

More than once we received letters of thanks from the villages and personal thanks for being there for them…despite politics and the surrounding violence.

They knew our level of training, and dedication would be fully applied. I admit to even using the “Red Star” as a tool to keep the peace. During a particular tense time, pre Intifada, Arab youth and young adults would stone our cars from time to time, I called the Arab village leaders and told them I would not allow our ambulance to respond to their wounded if the stonings did not cease…they did.

Magen David Adom has now shown us that they are no longer an organization whose priority it is to save lives; they have joined the political arena. They wish to be part of “them” rather than “us”.

The irony here, in the simple world of saving lives is… that the same people who have brought honor and dignity to the Red Star of David in the Arab world are now the ones being thrown “to the dogs”.

They wish to change the uniforms of the MDA volunteers in Judea and Samaria to “distinguish” us from others, I believe the new uniform they propose will have a “Yellow Star” on it, perhaps this will appease the International Red Cross and the Red Crescent…whose symbols do not offend the world, as the Star of David does…nasty Jews.

Yet more of the same rhetoric and poison streams through the leadership of the MDA, much like that of various Jewish Federations and Congregations who also abandon our people living in Judea and Samaria. MDA and ARMDI keep on claiming to deny this “letter” and allegations, yet I have not seen any action to back their words of defense, only concern that their donor base will decrease.

If it is not true, PROVE IT TO BE WRONG!

We are told that this whole story is based upon their wish of acceptance to a club whose symbol is a cross and a crescent, an organization whose ambulances have been proven guilty of transporting terrorists to kill innocents, and who offer more funding, funny, the word “whore” comes to mind.

If the MDA does continue down this road, they will be able to stand proudly next to other proud organizations like B’Tzelem, the New Israel Fund and others who have turned their back on Israel’s future. They will also have to bear the same responsibility.

Magen David Adom… If you leave us, we will leave you, and it will be your loss! But the symbol will remain, because it is not yours, it is OURS, the Jewish People!

How lucky we are that Al Gazeera’s Israeli counterparts, better known as Ha’Aretz English reports their hidden actions.

It seems that bowing to our enemies is sheik today… I mean chic… my slip.

Not in my neighborhood!

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