Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Road to Chaos - Part 2

Most elected leaders are simply moments in time, they come, and they go. One common denominator that they share is that most have the ability and opportunity to either better a situation or run it into the ground.

I am amazed at the reactions of surprise to Obama’s speech. Did he really state anything new that we did not realize already? He is following the same path he started down since his election and speech in Cairo, with the same distain towards Israel that he has always had, nothing new here.

An air of panic is being thrown about as the current US President Obama has truly sided against Israel. Yes, truly sided against Israel in that he knows very well what he is demanding. He is even planning a “marketing” and advertising trip to Europe to build more support for his plan. Many like to say, “he doesn’t understand”, “his advisors are at fault”, give the guy some credit, he does and can think for himself, he knows exactly what he is doing.

I will not use this article to express the dangers of the “Obama Speech”, many have already done that far better than I.

If we pretend that there are patriotic motives behind the Prez’s thoughts, then we can safely assume that President Obama simply feels that it is better to have the Arabs as an ally rather than Israel. That is his right to think that way… after all he is entitled to his own opinion. The fact that he lied to his Jewish voters is not his fault either… after all he is still a politician. Take away the fact that pretty much all of the Arab leaders have lost respect for him and no longer trust him after he fooled them also, and you may come around to his way of thinking, maybe. The US may be on it’s way to a major facial change, much like Europe, or Eurabia as known today, and he is simply preparing and positioning the US better for a new possibility. That is, if we pretend that there are patriotic motives.

Obama is trying to become the champion of the latest buzz…the “Arab Spring”. Of course he is choosing who may live and who may die. Libyans count, Syrians don’t, Egyptians count, Bahraini’s, Iranians don’t, and so on and so on. He has misread the Arab world.

I once wrote an article titled “Lawrence of Palestine” referring to Lt. Gen. Keith Dayton, as he built up the new Arab army within Israel, perhaps the US admin became jealous of the title, perhaps they are looking to be the reincarnation of Salah al Din in this day and age.

Basically President Obama has nothing to lose, he has proved himself a disappointment to pretty much all who voted for him, besides Oprah, some Hollywood folk and the Muslim population of the US, so why not go for it? Chance of a lifetime, create a new Middle East and go down in history.

On the other side of the world, Bibi wants to get reelected and realizes that Israel is in dire need of a leader with a spine, he also knows that Obama will be out soon enough, so why not say “no”. This is Bibi’s chance to actually prove his sincerity regarding Israel’s security. Of course the fact that Obama’s wishes would endanger Israel and its entire populace, besides throwing the Middle East into chaos are present also…somewhere.

There is more at work here than caring for the rights or ambitions of a so-called “Palestinian Arab” people. Convenient isn’t it how Jordan is ignored, after all Jordan is 73% “Palestinian. The only difference is that the “ruler” over that country and land is a Muslim and not Jew.

Another interesting fact often overlooked is that there are over 500,000 Jews living over the pre June 1967 cease fire lines, Obama seems to be pro “Jew Free” Arab state, that’s not very liberal of him. Cleansing todays Jews from such an area is not as easy as it sounds, and BTW, the 1949 – 1967 “border” was a cease-fire line, not a border… the border was the Jordan River as proclaimed by the “world” back in 1922. The “West Bank” is from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. So when the Arabs ask for the “West Bank” of the Jordan, you can be sure they know what they are saying and demanding.

Israel and the Jewish people as a whole have come to a crossroads in time and history, the façade of the “Peace Process” has duped many if not most. What is being discussed is Israel’s future, something that the diaspora players in the game are all aware of. What they are not aware of is the danger they are putting Israel and the Jewish people in.

Most are even too afraid to even visit the region discussed and live in ignorance regarding Israel. They will bear responsibility to the consequences, and so will their children and their children’s children.

Any supposed solution to this situation will not happen over night, over months or over years. By that time leaders will have changed, concepts, consequences and realities will appear different than they are today. Nothing stays the same, nor does the “Status Quo”. Maybe more people will open their eyes and hearts by then.

No leader is being naïve, no leader is being ignorant, motives are quite clear and the target is in sight.

The stage is being set for the next round…we decide on which show we will see.

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  1. Good article Marc. You are a real soldier for the Jewish people.