Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Shortcut to Chaos (Part One)

The shock of the ignorant this week came as the PLO and Hamas announced reconciliation, a truce, a joining of forces.

Surprise, surprise, surprise.

The Netanyahu government quickly shouted back…either Israel or Hamas, as Abu Mazen shouted back Settlements or Peace…alas, the blind leading the blind.

It would seem that we are at an impasse, and it is time to choose which direction we will head and who will join us.

With most of the world siding against Israel, many of our own Jewish people duped by our enemies into forming a partnership of hatred and ignorance, who could be surprised at the state we’ve arrived at.

Almost every Arab nation is on the verge of a deluge of havoc, with the familiar shouts to rise up against Israel being heard throughout the Middle East while being hushed in other parts of the world. Egypt now plans to open its border with Gaza, most probably allowing an unprecedented volume of arms, and warns Israel not to interfere. It made sense that the Arab leadership in Israel would now try to save their own necks by joining forces, as the possibility of destroying Israel seems now to be closer than ever in their distorted vision.

It is no coincidence that all this occurs as, in Israel, we stand to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day this week. Our neighbors would have been happier if the goals of the holocaust had been reached, and now perhaps they sense that they may be able to finish the job that they have been attempting since the start of the 20th century.

Again I mention and remind all of the unholy alliance of the PLO and Hamas, two organizations started and maintained to achieve only one goal, the elimination of Israel.

Despite all this, the weak, the treacherous and the misguided among us call for Israel to “redeem” itself by recognizing, that which does not exist within our borders…a “Palestinian” state.

It is not only the direction we must choose, we must now choose which side to join, those that wish to destroy Israel or those that wish to build Israel.

It is that simple.