Monday, March 14, 2011

Anger and Frustration

The pictures of the attack in Itamar bring back the nightmares of the last round of violence during the uprising that started in the year 2000. Even then, people refused to realize the horror and intensity of the attacks. Many of these attacks were not even shown to the world, let alone our people.

Our Arab foes do not have courage, do not have honor, they never did, and who knows if they ever will. I am not being derogatory, simply factual. Arab terror prefers the weak, the unarmed as targets, and as shields. Do they not use schools and hospitals as staging grounds for attacks?

The rebellions in the Arab nations and their history prove these points, their own treatment of their own populations show us that, INCLUDING how they treat their brethren in Judea and Samaria.

This is what many of them are rebelling about!

What a fitting end to Israel Apartheid Week, by showing the world who gets hailed as a hero in the Arab world, just as these heinous celebrations in Gaza, Ramallah, Nablus and other places prove. Their leaders hesitate to condemn this attack or do so while explaining how it is “understandable” and these same Arab leaders are the same people our own weak minded, misdirected, deceived youth in college campuses flock to. These are the new heroes of so-called “Liberal thinkers”, these are the people who get invited to so many Jewish events, and these are the speakers at J STREET and other and ignorant and self hating organizations.

My own personal frustration regarding this particular attack comes from my own experience in the Security world. I watch the outpouring of hearts from around the world to bond with the remaining members of this dear family. The majority of the Jewish world is crying, and giant efforts are being made to assist the family in any need they may have.


Why do we only wake up when we are victims, why will we only see major efforts being made then?

Of course we come across those who say, Jews shouldn’t be there, then this would not have happened… really? Has terror against Israel only started in 1967? Has it only been limited to Judea and Samaria? All of this is ONLY because we are in our historic homeland? How ignorant can someone be?

I know, VERY ignorant.

I am frustrated and angry because I have worked years at trying to convince our own that we must protect our people, we must defend and fight against our enemies, just like anyone else in this world!

The concept of Jews defending themselves and standing up to their enemies is still relatively foreign to many outside of Israel, even to a few inside of Israel.

Defense and Strength are multi dimensional, and each side must be addressed and dealt with. Standing up to Politicians, Hate groups, wrongful legislatures are only a few of the dimensions. Building, populating, LIVING are more, and my realm; Security is another.

I am frustrated that we act only “after” and not “before”. Why do most people not realize that the point is to PREVENT and STOP terror attacks against us?

We have proven to the world that we excel at being victims, our Arab neighbors have even jumped on the bandwagon, they figure it worked for the Jews, “why not us?” Except in this case they have duped an entire generation and world from seeing just who is really victimizing whom, these Arab leaders have hidden themselves from the world and their own people’s eyes. They have portrayed the Jews and Israel as enemies (for years and generations) to veer attention away from their own despicable acts against their own and humanity.

As parents we try to safeguard our children, we do whatever necessary and then some. We take precautions regarding our property and watching over those dear to us. We try to prevent problems from occurring, we are considered wise and “sharp” if we have the insight to foresee possible problems and act in a pro-active manner.

Shouldn’t it be the same in how we act towards our people in Israel?

I know standing up and defending yourself and people is not for everyone, I know fighting back against terror doesn’t speak to most. Many people feel easier comforting victims or the hurt. Many even prefer this.

I would like to prevent more of our people from becoming victims… I would like to stop the hurt. I would like to fund projects that may prevent attacks from occurring and watch children grow, marry, and become parents. I know, many of you are saying, “he’s a dreamer.”

No I am not a dreamer, I “hang” with a bunch of people (and majority of a country) who feel and act the same way, I also know that many of you reading this feel the same way.

We can make this happen. Lets make this happen!

Chesed (Kindness) has always been known as a Jewish characteristic,

Gevorah (strength) is also.

No More Jewish Victims!


  1. You talk about your frustration with these attacks, and I, and probably every Jew in the world agrees. This nightmare should NEVER have been able to take place. No child should ever have to live through burring their entire family. The murderers, who committed this heinous crime, need to be hunted down and removed from society. They are not people, nor animals. There is no word for their kind.

    However, you mention you want to work on "preventing" these attacks. You want to "fund projects", and I laughed.

    Have you recently looked at the salaries of institutions like the one you are associated with, that claims to be a "lifeline" for communities in YESHA? I believe when I goggled it a few months ago the highest salary exceeded $100,000. Most families living in communities such as where the atrocious attack took place live, on a fraction of that – and their security budgets are probably less with constant government cuts etc. Truthfully, how much of the donation allocated for a security camera for example, went towards funding that salary?

    In the past 24 hours, since the news of this report hit the online world, how many organizations have you seen; jump on the "bandwagon" – "help protect the communities, help us save lives" – today. It is a disgrace.

    In your writing, you write as a person who understands, a person who has seen, and a person with sensitivity. You understand there is no glory in this horrendous situation, no winner, only a painful lesson that we will never forget. Perhaps you could spread your sensitivity, tact, and level of understanding down the lines, to the salary hungry "NOT FOR PROFIT" vipers across the sea, who do not even have to courage to live here, yet live very well off our pain and suffering.

  2. Racheli, you are so correct. 100% of funding goes toward the project, how about that? Every time someone partners with a project, that is what happens.
    That is the way it is designed, and that is why I work with this organization. It is because I live in Israel and understand these projects.

    There are also people who "fund" the organization separately.

    Where I am not the right person to defend the salaries of others. I can say that One Israel Fund has been accomplishing goals that I am very proud of.

    Yes, I would rather work at funding projects that save lives, that protect lives. Funding is a dirty word, unfortunately, I can't receive the perimeter systems for free, I can't receive the medical equipment for free.

    If you would like to discuss this, be in touch with me directly, and I am sure you and I will work great together.

  3. Thanks for your clarity Marc. It is beyond time for Jews to wake up and take pro-active measures, to protect our people from evil in its darkest forms.

    Who slaughters a G’d-fearing family in a bloodthirsty rage with a weapon of intense personal passion under cloak of darkness?


    The cowards are celebrating because evil prevailed. And they will do it again the next opportunity the govt gives them. This only emboldens them. We must not allow it by having a zero tolerance policy against Arab violence before it even occurs.

    Your point is well taken: not one drop of Jewish blood needs to be spilled before we wake up and realize how strong we are, how clear our role is. We can even act on our right to be in our own land and build homes before we are murdered for it, thus getting the booby prize of “permission” to do so. 400, 500, 1,000 new homes for a dead Jew! What a victim-laden crock! But we take it because it’s the best our consciousness has to offer at this time. We have become desperate. How about 1,000,000 new homes for living Jews throughout YESHA because this is our land and we are the rightful spiritual operators of it? Imagine what we could accomplish if Am Israel woke up and saw that possibility?

    Every Jew needs to take this sakana (danger) personally, because it is. The Fogels represent all of us. This growing anti-Semitic “problem” is not going away no matter where you live, how safe you feel, no matter how many concessions you or your govt. offer the face of evil. Ben Franklin said it best: "They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."

    We Jews are the ones responsible for standing up to our enemies’ hatred and rage with the word NO and the actions to back it up. Then the world will look at the Jews in awe, not as pliable pawns to advance the Arabs’ plans for global jihad.

    We must continue to stay educated, to help each other understand what it means to be strong and take back both our land and people’s consciousnesses that have become hijacked by propaganda and weak-mindedness, and to stay involved with life-saving projects in YESHA. “No more Jewish victims” is every Jew’s job 24/7, like it or not. The world is desperately waiting for us to wake up and step up. And when we don't, they show us what that looks like.