Wednesday, October 28, 2009

J Street Shmay Street

J Street kicked off their conference this week, the first I might add. The collection of participants wasn’t surprising, Brit Tzedek, Peace Now, various Kadima, Meretz and other members and so on. It was interesting how the statement of being a “Pro Israel” group interested in Israel’s security made many of the Jewish participants uncomfortable. Definitely the “Lefty” place to be for those in the US. In Israel, the “In” place to be was the various olive groves throughout Judea and Samaria. Here was the chance for Left wing Jews to get in the picture and “do something” as they claimed to help the “poor Arab farmers” pick their olives and mix it up with the Jewish residents of these regions.

These so called groups who claim to champion the interest in peace in Israel seem to be creating the exact opposite. Where ever they go they provoke violence, and create more tension between Jews and Arabs rather than promoting a peaceful existence. The “Two State Solution” has been their banner, their Tag Line, but I wonder which “Two State Solution” are they really after.

Their biggest achievement to date is the de facto creation of Two Jewish States within One State, that being the State of Israel and the division of the Jewish people through out the world. This seems to be more important to them than the well being of the Arab residents of Judea and Samaria. The constant effort to split us up, to divide us has become boring, we understand that this group no longer wishes to identify itself as Jews in their land. Their diminishing success in Israel has led them elsewhere, overseas to seek out new victims of ignorance.

While Political corruption and debauchery run rampant in world of the “Palestinian Authority”, while funds are rarely distributed to the “needy” Arabs and diverted to terror and while Sharia Law continues to lop off “heads”, these groups concentrate on separating the Israel and Jewish people worldwide. Their constant provocation of the Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria, their alienation of their own heritage and history serves nothing more than causing harm to our own people, far worse than any Arab enemy we have encountered.

The Two States they live in is a divided Jewish State; the enemies in their eyes are their own brothers, their latest target, Diaspora Jewry.

As the number of Jews throughout Israel grow and continue to reaffirm their dedication to the Land of Israel, their heritage, history and people, various left wing fringe groups increase their efforts to do just the opposite. It comes as no surprise that they target those who do not have the strength of Israel in their hearts. It comes as no surprise that they use the same cowardly terror tactics that has been used against Jews in Israel, in that they look for the weak, this time the weak of identity, of heritage. “Rabbis for Human Rights”, “International Solidarity Movement” and other fraudulent “Peace” organizations continue with their true agenda against the religious stream of Judaism, they are only interested in the ethnic cleansing of Jews from Judea and Samaria, their racist path wont last much longer. They dare not champion the rights of Arabs in Gaza nor do they care. Their standard is double to say the least.

It seems this tactic is being used by the US administration as well, as we notice the suspicious absence of many Orthodox Jews who are no longer invited to the court of President Obama. Indeed the “Two State Solution” is being implemented, but against the Jews and not those that would rejoice in our destruction.

As more and more Israeli achievements are recorded every day, eventually the common folk around the world will take notice of this also, not just the so-called “Intellectual Elitists and Liberal” camps. The world will notice just how much we contribute and how little are enemies have done. Eventually we might even see the Political leaders of the world take notice and choose truth over deceit.

I’m not saying that Justice will ring out through the world, we know better than that, but common sense just might.


  1. Dear Marc:

    I appreciate the effort you have made here, but at times your writing is vague and unclear. Please reread and rework some of what you have written here, so that your message becomes clear.

    I was confused by this posting and had to read it several times before understanding your intentions.

  2. As I am not a professional writer, I appreciate your feedback and welcome any assistance you offer in order to get my message out in a clear and understood manner.