Monday, December 29, 2008

Attack on Mumbai

The attack in Mumbai has shaken the majority of the Jewish world. The cruel way in which once again innocent Jews were executed has caused most of us to wonder why did this happen? It isn’t Israel, how could the Moslems attack Jews in India. What was their crime? How could this happen?
Security professionals are being asked time and time again to give our thoughts on the event. Many are asking the following questions; could it have been prevented, what can be done in the future and so on. Where I am sure many ideas have been presented on how to provide improved security, my inner thoughts are focused deeper, towards the heart of the problem.
The whole concept of “protecting” and “securing” a facility has many faces. With any reoccurring injury, we have to decide whether to buy a box of band aids or delve deeper to find a remedy to the problem. Sometimes a “quick fix”, is good for the first response, but it is always recommended to cure the problem. The results are often much more positive even if the pain or danger doesn’t go away as fast as the “quick” and superficial remedy.
In the past I have lectured about the growth of Islamic terrorism and how the security situation in Israel affects the world.
The following is a piece from an article I wrote;
“Islamic terror against western society took on new dimensions in 1993 with the first bombing of the World Trade Center. I find it interesting how this coincides with western pressure on Israel to limit its fight against terrorism and the start of the Oslo negotiations. In fact if we look at the rise of Islamic terror in the world we see it rise as Israel negotiates with the leaders of Islamic terrorism. This is no coincidence. The Islamic Terror mentality views negotiations as weakness and it views western pressure on Israel as just that.
With the increase of US pressure on Israel to give up its heartland, we see the West capitulating to Islamic terror. The leadership of “Western” government has chosen to try appease Islamic extremist terrorism, rather than fight it. The strategy is simply, let’s make them happy and maybe they will leave us alone. History has taught us that this is not the case. Have our analysts started to ignore history and experience? Indeed, Israel by choosing to bend to US pressure is also responsible for the results. The Israeli leadership back in the year 1993 and during the Oslo process already started to ease up on terrorism, this due to the lack of backbone in the Israeli Prime Ministers and Parliament. This policy leads to the increase in Islamic Extremism. By seeing that the west is willing to ease up, it was and is perceived as weakness and fear. This being the stepping-stone needed to create an infrastructure of terrorism.”
When we as a people are strong and united, the acts of terror against us decrease. When we act strong in the face of our enemies and let no crime go unpunished, the world and we enjoy more of a peaceful existence. This is not my opinion, but cold facts. No one in the security world was surprised by this attack, it was simply a question of when and where. It is known and understood that Jews, no matter where they are will be targeted in this day and age. Why not? Israel, the “Champion” of the Jewish people allows daily attacks against her own people and country, this champion bends over backwards to appease the enemy, while the continued dissent in the ranks continue to weaken this champion. So Israel, while being lead by the weak of spirit and identity, stays in the corner doing nothing and continues to remain weak in the eyes of our enemies, this only boosting their motivation to attack us more and more.
While the courage and strength of Jews stand out in that the Mumbai Chabad House will Gd willing, be reopened soon by another remarkable team, a long term remedy must be sought and put in motion, now. Our enemies must once again know that we will, with Gds help, protect and defend our people and at the same time find and punish those who wish and cause us harm, wherever they are.
It is time for us to come together again and stand strong as one in the face of the enemy, to grasp that which has been commanded to us. We are often told, when we are in pain or suffer, to look into our heart for the answer. So it is today, we must look up and then we should look to our heart and to our heartland, and seek out the strong Jew again. We will find people who are not afraid to be Jewish, who are not afraid to live in land that Gd commanded us to live in, and who will not hesitate in the face of our enemies. The more we talk about giving up what is ours the weaker we become, the more danger we put our people in. We take for granted the gifts and miracles that have been given to us over the past 60 years. Having a land to live in, one that is part of our heritage and identity is truly a precious gift, one to be appreciated and cared for, and not to be given over to those who wish our destruction. If we continue down this path, payback will carry a heavy price.
The solution is within our reach, we just have to reach out and grasp it. This way, Jews, no matter where they travel or live, will, Gd willing be safer.

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